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This guided city tour takes you through various special sights that the city of Leiden has to offer, with an experienced local city guide. During this scooter ride you not only visit nice sights, but also get to know the Leiden customs and habits. The scooter tour is a good alternative for a city walk. You can see more of the city in a short time with little effort. This is the ideal activity for small groups and individuals, because the city tour always takes place per step, even with few participants! The tours take place from March to September, Friday to Sunday.

Guided tours

  • Friday 4:00 pm
  • Saturday 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM
  • Sunday 2:00 pm

For guided tours, please contact .

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Op Step is the place for a unique city tour, organizing the nicest bachelor party, the strongest team building activity, the coolest friend outing, the nicest family day or any other group activity. The city of Leiden is bustling and is very suitable to discover by step. It is a fun, sporty way of moving around the city. You can do this yourself or under the supervision of a guide. Step on the step and discover what the Leiden region has to offer. Stepping is an ideal way to discover the city. As a “stepper” you have pedestrian status in traffic and the speed is roughly between that of a pedestrian and that of a cyclist. You can move around the city quickly and easily in this way and cover greater distances in a shorter time. The tour covers both footpaths and cycle paths.

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